The Angiechrist® once rocked a mullet

The Angiechrist® once rocked a mullet. True story. Circa 1986. Don’t hate.

Who is this Angiechrist® Anyway?

The Angiechrist®.  Yeah I know, sounds awful.  But would you believe a NUN planted that seed?  See, back in the day, this little girl named Angie Banavage used to be quite the little Catholic School girl at St. Jerome Regional School  in Tamaqua, PA. (This is like, back in the 80s folks, I’m creeping up on 40 now, ya’ll!)  She even sang in the choir, got straight A’s and played sports! But little Angie had one HUGE problem: MISCHIEF. She wasn’t nefarious by any means, but shenanigans would always suck her in. One fine day in detention (after she got cussing, tsk tsk) one of the Nuns at the helm of the room remarked she was “a rose among the thorns.”  At that point the Nun who headed the choir at that time, Sr. Marie Bernadette, punched me in the shoulder and said “nah, more like the antichrist.”  (She was a cool gal, even played Guns N Roses on her acoustic, no shit!) So I smiled at her and said, “no, I’m the Angiechrist.”  The nick name stuck since. I think it suits me just fine.

Been an artist all my life, but back in 2001 is when I started doing websites & graphics for folks.  I’ve been lucky to work on some insanely cool projects along the way.  Please check out my portfolio for a peek.

The Angiechrist® in a Nutshell

I’m an edgy web designer & illustrator/graphic artist in Las Vegas for a living.  But I live the life of a hyper, overgrown kid with an overactive imagination and enjoy being an overall ball buster. I love animals, especially dogs, goats or anything that talks back and has fur.   I married my best friend, we joined the Army as a married battle buddy team back in 2004 and we’re hell bent on playing by our own rules.

I do a lot of cycling & mountain biking to stay sane, and I like to read books about war.  I like Sci-Fi & Horror films, anything Scottish-y (Highlander, Outlander, Connery, Butlery, etc….), and I’m obsessed with Lt. Joe Kenda, that sassy bastard.  I drink beer, vodka & scotch whiskey. I LOVE food.  A LOT. Probably why I bike so much, I’m a silly fat bottomed girl. I geek out on my two fish tanks (a freshwater & a saltwater) and I’m always grooming my German Shepherd dogs and vacuuming up their hair. I am a pretty decent shot at 300 yards.  I listen to blues, 70s rock (NOT Aerosmith though, they SUCK! Seriously, they are banned in my house/car/whathaveyou.), some metal from the old days and some punkish stuff. LOVE Tina Turner.  I have 3 daily goals: wake up, learn something new and do something nice for a random stranger. That pretty much sums up my daily rituals.

I’m quite harmless, really.

The Angiechrist® plays slots!

The Angiechrist® plays slots! Well, not really. Only when I’m drunk and company comes to town and I have to play tour guide. I DO love living in Las Vegas, though. Great mountains and lovely desert to ride through! This is one of my favorite photos of myself.