Honor Ride Las Vegas 2014 by Javier Rom

Honor Ride Las Vegas 2014 Recap!

(Image taken by Javier Romo)  First, a HUGE shout out to my sponsors this year! You can’t imagine how awesome it was to be able to take part in this amazing event to help vets overcome obstacles & disabilities! The fine folks below were extremely awesome to donate!!!  Honor Ride will be back in Vegas next year!  But they have events all year long! Want to take part?  CLICK HERE!

These folks below ROCK like no other!

Me and My battle, Laura Rodriguez at Honor Ride Las Vegas 2014

Me and My battle, Laura Rodriguez at Honor Ride Las Vegas 2014

  • Anne Krasny
  • Edward Menke
  • Kathy Frank
  • Bobby Kossowicz
  • Patrick Coleman
  • Richard Wood
  • Amy Sotak
  • Cathie Rydzynski
  • Jason Novack
  • Laura Rodriguez
  • Linda Riehl
  • Rebecca Schaar Raz

From What I Remember About Honor Ride Las Vegas 2014

(Please bear with me, it was such an amazing blur and happened so fast!)

I’ve never felt so extremely ashamed of myself for bitching about having a bad day.  These injured vets are no joke, have hearts of lions and deserve our unwavering respect. This program has a huge impact on their lives and I’m glad to have been a tiny little spec in its universe, even just for a few hours.

WOW was all I could say from the moment we pulled into the lot. Red, white & blue was everywhere. People of all shapes & sizes, walks of life and vocation.  I didn’t get many photos but my battle buddy Laura Rodriguez’s wife Ursula (an amazing photographer BTW) did, and hopefully she’ll share soon!  Anyhow, what gripped me the most was how many volunteers there were! Holy moly!  People everywhere, just smiling!  Also, a bulldog in Marine dress blues!  He was the tops!

Honor Ride Las Vegas 2014

My Honor Ride Las Vegas 2014 shirt & number

We had awesome sponsors (Scott & Amiee Yancey from Flipping Vegas), and a nice AF LT named LT Dan (no joke!) sang the national anthem quite beautifully. The VOLUNTEERS and STAFF from Ride2Recovery made sure we wanted for nothing, & gave us water and food throughout. It was so well planned, people even drove around checking up on us all.

We all waited in the chute with anticipation, as our disabled battle buddies made it to the front.  Seeing their excitement; folks missing limbs, folks with brain injuries and other things, my GOD it was tremendously touching.  It was an honor to ride by their side and be included with this entire ordeal. I can’t say enough how brave they were, and despite whatever ailed them, they KICKED MY ASS!

The first few miles were up the Las Vegas Strip, and it was SURREAL.  I must say, THANK YOU to Las Vegas Metro, Las Vegas Fire Department & all First Responders for making a safe passage for us.  They closed the ENTIRE north side of the strip for us, and it was magic! Riding up the strip in the morning (all to ourselves) is quite a different view of it. Energy was bouncing between us all.  People were standing around and cheering!  We even saw a hooker getting cuffed!

All kidding aside, I tried to thank each officer I could who was holding the traffic back. We were royalty.  It was spectacular!

I did the 40 mile route (which ended up being 46.8 but who cares, I was on a mountain bike and it was a challenge to try to keep up with the street bikes).  I know I have my own health issues, but seeing those brave souls fly over the pavement gave me the juice to carry on & finish.  My troubles are nothing compared to what they have endured, and continue to power through. I’m not going to complain.  Those folks are AMAZING.

They gave us all medal at the finish line, and while I was pedaling back to our car, something just hit me.  The gravity of it all. The gift it was to be able to ride with these brothers and sisters in the name of love and respect.

I like to pretend I’m this big tough gal, but I’m not.  I dismounted my bike and wept like a baby.

I love you, fellow vets.

I’m already planning on riding with you next year.