The Angiechrist's new bike

The Angiechrist® doing Honor Ride Las Vegas 2014!

Ride 2 Recovery is holding their annual Honor Ride Las Vegas on Veteran’s Day weekend this year, November 8, 2014. I’ve actually been training for several months now and have signed up for the 45.9 mile route.  This is a huge step for me, as I’ve been biking as part of my own physical rehabilitation, and I’ve yet to ride further than 40 miles at once.  For those who don’t know, Ride2Recovery is an organization that supports Spinning® Recovery Labs & outdoor cycling programs at Military and VA locations around the U.S. to help injured veterans overcome obstacles they face, physical and mental.  This is a cause I really believe in, and am extremely excited to be joining the ride this yer along with my husband and several of my close friends.

If you care to donate, please visit my fundraising page here.

I’m planning on taking a bunch of photos.  Hope to see you there!

The Angiechrist™ Training for Honor Ride Las Vegas 2014

  • The Angiechrist® is training for the honor ride Las Vegas 2014

    The Angiechrist® train!

  • The Angiechrist® after taking a nasty spill, T-boning the Earth and causing mild tremors in Las Vegas

    The Angiechrist® PAIN!